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As you all aware, various financial support initiatives have been announced by government and the private sector to assist businesses in distress during these impossible economic conditions.

These come in the form of tax relief initiatives from the government and large monetary sums that concerned philanthropists (such as the Oppenheimers, Motsepes and Ruperts) have donated.

Many Jewish businesses are not sure HOW TO ACCESS THESE INITIATIVES.

Attached is a summary of the available initiatives (as at today’s date and may be updated by the respective providers) which provide some guidance as to the next steps required. However, as the processes are daunting, many small businesses may require help in preparing and submitting the documentation and following up thereafter. The South African Jewish Board of Deputies and others have therefore approached ORT Jet to provide some essential assistance.

ORTJet will use our mentor base who have the specific skillsets required to navigate through the process of applying for the benefits that have been offered and are available to assist. If you are struggling to understand the available initiatives or how to access them you are encouraged to make contact with ORT Jet. You will be immediately assigned to one of ORT Jet’s mentors who will guide you through the required process.

ORT Jet will also provide webinars with mentors to help groups of business owners fill in the documentation. In addition, the mentors will be available to offer business advice to possibly help you navigate through your difficulties.

Please be aware that this is not an offer for financial assistance In addition, despite our best attempts, there is no guarantee that your application will be successful.

Please keep safe and follow the government’s lockdown and social distancing guidelines.

We wish you all the best from ORTJet and the assistance in financial support committee

Robert Cohen

Jason Schmulian

Ilan Rabinowitz

Shaun Zagnoev

Elisha Lurie

Ellis Falkof

Steve Zagey

Frank Davidson

Please contact Helen Itzkin via email on

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