Melrose 2 CAN project

In 2016 a group of young South African women took part in a Women’s Renaissance Programme in Israel. They included Anne Zwarenstein, on whose initiative the group recently came together once more to form the founding core membership of the Melrose 2 CAN. Since then, their numbers have been augmented by other residents of Anne’s street, Victoria Avenue, Melrose, as well as adjoining streets in the suburb.

Working through the Angel Network and Gauteng Together, the Melrose 2 CAN adopted the Tsepang Care Centre in Tembisa as the cause it would support during the lockdown. The Centre, located in the Kempton Park area between Johannesburg and O T Airport, runs a feeding scheme for some 250 children and young people, from ages one to 22. The first food delivery, with Ram Hand to Hand Couriers providing its services free, took place last month, and preparations are underway for the next. In addition to food, Anne hopes this time also to send teaching packs, including stationary and worksheets, for children at the Centre to work on. She has asked all the CAN’s members, particular those with children at school, to see what they might have to contribute to this end. Other long-term solutions are being investigated, such as whether there are people at the centre who are able to sew, and who therefore might be able to productively spend their time making, for example, face masks.

It is one thing to solicit donations at the start of an emergency fundraising campaign, when people are most aware of the urgency of the situation and are also being approached to contribute for the first time. Doing so subsequently becomes progressively harder, even if the need for the campaign remains as pressing as ever. Anne hopes to be able to make the Melrose 2 CAN initiative sustainable, perhaps through trying the annuity model based on committed monthly contributions.

“We would ideally love it if people are able to “Adopt a child” (or two or three) for R150 per month as an annuity. But every little bit helps” she says.

Monetary donations to the Melrose 2 CAN are eligible for a s18A tax certificate and tax deduction if the eft is done through the Angel Network. For an 18A certificate, donors must email their name and address to and include the date and amount of deposit made.

It is critical to reference as Melrose 2. Please also copy Anne Zwarenstein ( to ensure that the money comes to their CAN

The deposit details are:

The Angel Network


6272 6312 391

Code 250655

Reference: MELROSE 2 CAN

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