What makes this month’s issue of JL different from all other issues of JL?

Jewish Life

Dear Wendy:

What makes this month’s issue of Jewish Life different from all other issues of Jewish Life?

Because of the lockdown, the March Issue of Jewish Life will only be available online, not in print! We need your help please to get the word out. Please can you share this news with your friends, family, colleagues, fellow congregants, etc.

Please can you also share this information on Whatsapp groups and Social Media.

As usual, thank you for participating in the latest issue of Jewish Life. Please find attached a pdf of your sponsored feature.

The complete issue can be downloaded right now as a pdf from the following links:

High res version:


Standard res version:


And remember, with many people having more time on their hands and looking for things to do, our entire archive of issues is available from our website to download and enjoy:


Wishing you and your family a chag kasher v’sameach, may Hashem watch over us, kol tuv.

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