GRIT in inteGRITy

The story of immigrants Reuben and Sophia Newstead and their part in establishing the Claremont shul, framed as an imaginary first-person memoir by their grand-daughter.

Obituary: Ralph Zulman

Long-serving Jewish Affairs editorial board member Judge Ralph Zulman, who passed away on 8 August 2020, combined a stellar career on the Bench with over three decades of service to SA Jewry...

Lockdown Pesach 2020

What made this year's Seder night different from all other Seder nights? Charisse Zeifert describes how.

Passing of Andrew Mlangeni

We are saddened by the passing of Andrew Mlangeni, stalwart of the anti-apartheid Struggle. Mr Mlangeni was the last of the famed Rivonia Trialists whose example did so much to inspire others in the darkest years of Apartheid.

Rising above lockdown with Dr Edith Eva Eger | SAJBD 2020 Gauteng Conference

New York Times bestselling author of The Choice: Embrace the Possible, Dr Edith Eva Eger is a pioneer in the field of psychology – teaching people how to use their pain to help them heal.

Rising from the brink of death in Auschwitz, her incredible story, deep insight and mind of steel have seen her enrapture audiences around the world, on CNN, the Oprah Winfrey Show and the TED stage.

Join us for her South African debut on 16 August, where she will address us at the SAJBD Gauteng conference.

Heads or Tails for South African Jewry?

The theological roots of antisemitism go back to the early centuries of Christianity itself, and persist even to this day. An Anglican priest considers this legacy in light of contemporary developments.

The Statue

Just because your own eyes aren't deceiving you doesn't mean that the other person is wrong: A metaphor for understanding other points of view.

Chagall and the Murdered Poets

"Despite living and working in freedom, Chagall felt himself ... a hostage": How the 20th Century's greatest Jewish artist was unable to escape the shadow of Soviet tyranny

SAJBD Donates 9 Million Rand to help feed fellow South Africans

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies is delighted to announce that it has created a R9 million fund to provide help feed communities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The donation has largely been made possible by a generous contribution from an anonymous donor while the balance has been given by various Jewish organisations and community members.


A re-imagining of old Doornfontein, bustling heartland of Jewish Johannesburg during the early decades of Jewish settlement.


Two great ancient civilizations, Jewish and Greek, influenced and impacted upon one another, and collectively altered the course of world history. Bernard Katz summarizes 23 centuries of Greek Jewish history.

Welfare considerations during COVID-19

Dear Community Members


At the Chev we have had our heads down over the past few weeks dealing with the urgent matter of protecting (shielding) our frailest and most vulnerable community members - the nearly 1,000 residents of our facilities. We are conscious of the gravity of our responsibility and take it extremely seriously. Nothing is more important at this time than protecting those entrusted to our care who are aged and more susceptible to this virus. I would like to share with you the steps that have been taken so far in this rapidly-evolving crisis, which should please G-d soon be behind us.

Temporary Closure of Jewish Schools

Dear School Parents.

At a meeting this morning with the leadership of the Jewish Day Schools under the auspices of our Jewish Education Cluster to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our schools, it was unanimously agreed to institute a temporary closure of all of our schools for a one week period effective Monday 16 March. Our Jewish community education cluster will reconvene on Wednesday to reassess the situation taking into account external factors and will then decide on further measures.

Shaun Zagnoev

Above Board 6.3.20

There is an unfortunate tendency for people to resort to irrational scapegoating when confronted with threats they are unable to fully understand. History has shown time and again how collective fear can lead to the emergence of all kinds of noxious prejudices, usually aimed at those faced by those very same threats. Almost invariably, scapegoating targets vulnerable minority groups who are seen as an alien element in society and therefore somehow untrustworthy. From our own history, the blaming of Jews for the Black Death and the horrific persecutions that resulted is a particularly grim example of this phenomenon.

Shaun Zagnoev

Above Board 28.2.20

Following on our attendance at the State of the Nation address, last week the Board’s National Vice-President Zev Krengel and Parliamentary Liaison Chaya Singer attended the National Budget Speech in Parliament.

China Mall - Purim Shopping 6.3.20

This coming Monday, 9 March, Jewish Joburgers will prepare for the upcoming Purim festival in a unique way by doing their pre-festival shopping at the China Mall in Amalgam. The SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) is organising this initiative as a gesture of solidarity with the Chinese community following the upsurge of unjust and irrational sentiment against South Africans of Chinese origin resulting from the Coronavirus epidemic.